The Hampsthwaite Village Plan Implementation Group

Report of the sub-group on Roads and Transport Report of the sub-group on "Roads and Transport" (October 2007)

The Hampsthwaite Village Plan

The Hampsthwaite Village Plan is the culmination of an extensive survey of the people who live in Hampsthwaite during May 2006. The survey sought residents views about the village, what they valued and what they wanted to see improved.

In 2003, the Government, via The Countryside Agency, launched the Village Plan initiative supported by grant funding. The purpose was to:

"help rural communities to take charge of their destinies and to strengthen local government."

As a response to this initiative, in July 2005 a working group was formed to draw up our Village Plan. Our motivation was:

Over the following nine months, a number of social events were held in order to test residents' interest. Out of this process, a 56 question survey was distributed to 441 households in the village during May 2006. 258 questionnaires were returned, a 59% response rate, demonstrating a high level of interest in the survey. All percentages quoted in the Plan have been based on the total number of replies.

The results and conclusions of the previous Hampsthwaite Community Survey and the more recent Housing Needs Survey by the Rural Housing Trust have been taken into account where they have overlapped.

The responses contain a wealth of information as to what residents think about Hampsthwaite as a place to live, what they wish to preserve and what changes they would like to see. All of these views are summarised in the final publication, so please read for yourself what has been said and what residents feel makes this village such a special place.

The most important outcome is what we do with the results. The Action Plan details the most important issues that residents want to see taken forward.

At the Hampsthwaite Parish Council meeting on Monday 11th December 2006, the motion was passed that:

"Hampsthwaite Parish Council accepts and endorses the proposals set out in the Action Plan and will make best endeavours to elicit the support of groups in the community to realise them."

To this end, the Council undertakes to set up a Village Plan Implementation Group and to receive reports from this new group at each Parish Council meeting until such time as all actions are either completed or deemed no longer to be relevant during the course of a review. Reviews will be undertaken within three years of publication of a Plan at times advised by the Parish Council.

The Village Plan Group would like to thank all those who took part in the survey and the Yorkshire Rural Community Council for providing the funding that made all this possible.

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