To preserve and improve the character and amenities of the village. To promote activities of interest to the members.

"Where friends meet hearts warm"
- Scottish proverb


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The following is the text of a letter from the Chairman currently being delivered to households as and when their property is about to be photographed and which explains the project:

In 1999 the Society published the first of its planned series of books on village history. That first book comprised a collection of reminiscences by several villagers of their lives here, how they lived and the people they knew. The book sold out and is still in demand, so much so that we are now considering the possibility of a reprint.The second book in the series will deal with some of the buildings in the village, their histories and uses.

Although some sterling work has already been done towards its preparation, we have much yet to do before we reach the point of publication. To support and extend that work the Society has decided to create an archive of all village buildings on the existing village website. We hope to include on the site a picture of each building with a short architectural description. Buildings with a special history will be the subject of additional and further comment.

The site will be inter-active i.e. viewers will be encouraged to submit their own recollections about any property and to share any old photographs they may have. In this way we hope to create a record of the built environment which will provide a fascinating insight into life here for the benefit of the present and future generations. If you have access to the internet you can see now the beginnings of the archive by visiting:

In the next few days or weeks we will be taking (from the roadside - so as not to reveal anything that is not already seen by any passer-by) a photograph of, and writing a very brief description of, your property. We shall then deliver a copy to you for approval and further comment if appropriate and before including the entry on the website.

We will be very keen to hear from you with any additional information or pictures you may care to provide not only in relation to your property but also any other building in the village and which you think can assist our project. Eventually you will be able to read of some of these buildings in the proposed new book and (if you have internet access) review the full content of the new archive.

We sincerely hope you will support us in our efforts to preserve the history of our village for the residents of the future.

If you have any points to raise about the scheme or would like further information please contact either . . .
Paul Parker at Cornerstone House, Church Lane (tel: 772583)
or Graham Williams at 4 St Thomas a Becket Walk (tel: 772593)

JPEG image Design for the Village Green plaque
HTML file Photo gallery showing the construction of the Village Green plaque by Stuart Jennings 2006
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Meetings, Outings & Events (Meetings commence at 7.30p.m.)
Thursday 8th July Mr R. Pausley - Illustrated Talk - "Night Shift at York Minster".

Chairman's reports

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Committee matters

Committee (Who does what)
Stuart Jennings Tel: 770509 Chairman
Ian Harrington Tel: 771181 Vice Chairman, Sound System, Projects
Suzanne Capel-Cure Tel: 771179 Secretary, Car Rota
Richard Walker Tel: 770261 Treasurer, Annual Dinner
June Sarginson Tel: 770239 Annual Dinner, Refreshments, Hampsthwaite in Bloom
Janine Manton Tel: 770892 Refreshments,Hampsthwaite in Bloom
Audrey Atkinson Tel: 536263 Speakers Secretary
Bill Atkinson Tel: 770480 Parish Council Representative
Jack Brown Tel: 871497 Hon. Auditor, Treasurer Support, Concert Outings
Margaret Feather Tel: 771408 Publicity and Promotions
Jean Garnett Tel: 771125 Refreshments
Norman Hesp Tel: 770849 Theatre Outings
Liz Mason Tel: 771035 Day Trips, Concert Support
Paul Parker Tel: 772583 History Book, Village Plan Representative
Maureen Robinson Tel: 770449 Publicity and Promotions
Bob Stirzaker Tel: 771618 Memorial Hall Representative
Graham Williams Tel: 772593 History Book
Janet Hurst Tel: 771367 Raffle, Book Stall
Peter Spurr Tel: 770130 Raffle
Data Protection Act 1998:
Hampsthwaite Village Society holds on computer file the names and addresses of its members. This information is used solely to print address labels to mail newsletters and information.
Under the Data Protection Act, any member may object to their name being kept on computer file. Objections should be sent to The Treasurer at 45 High Street, Hampsthwaite.
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