Feast Construction projects

Feast Cabin - October 2010 - January 2011
bulletMock-up images of the proposed site
bulletDownload Google SketchUp model to explore the site (SketchUp is available as a free download from Google - highly recommended!)
bulletPDF File of the Design and Access Statement
bulletJPEG File of the Location Plan
bulletPDF File of Feast Cabin plans
bulletJPEG File of nearby flood risks

Santa's Sleigh - December 2009
bulletPhotos of the completed Santa's Sleigh
bulletDesign sheet for the sleigh and reindeers
bulletCAD of Santa's Sleigh
bulletCAD of Reindeer

Feast Queen Carriage - 2007
bulletWorking drawings for new Feast Queen carriage

Footbridge project - 2005/6
bulletDraft proposal for new Footbridge
bulletRevised bridge design
bulletProposed location for new bridge
bulletBridge construction Risk Assessment and Method Statement
bulletCutting list of materials required
bulletPhotographic record of bridge construction - Autumn 2006

Memorial Hall Planters - 2006/7
bulletPhoto gallery of the completed planters

BBQ project - 2005
bulletDraft proposal for new BBQs

Forge project - 2006
bulletForge restoration

Hog Roast project - 2005
bulletDetails of weather-proof cover
bulletSchematic of proposed gas supervision system
bulletConcept drawing of design proposal
bulletStainless steel parts required and Revised grill design
bulletMark's control circuit schematic
bulletPhotos from Day 1 - the milk tanks
bulletPhotos from Day 2 - stripped to essentials
bulletPhotos from Day 3 - chassis construction begins
bulletPhotos from Day 4 - main body completed and rolling
bulletPhotos from Day 5 - burners, top and lids fitted
bulletPhotos from Day 6 - First test cooking!
bullet. . . and on the Seventh Day there was great rejoicing!
bulletFirst test of burner
bulletSecond test of burner - success!