Feast for Africa

Each year, Hampsthwaite Feast strives modestly to "do something for the Feast, something for the Village, and something for the world."

Since 2006, with the help of Trish Fenwick and the generous support of our sponsors, we have been able to support the establishment of the new village of Kachale in Zambia. Kachale is being built in the bush to accommodate the needs of orphaned healthly children from a nearby, and recently closed, leper colony

Kachale Village

"The village of Hampsthwaite is really making a difference in Africa.

There's a small village of tragically displaced families in Zambia. But with the generous support, from your Feast last year, 250 men, women and children have been given a better chance. They are rejoicing as secure homes are being built for them in the new Kachale Village site. Food crops are flourishing in freshly tilled land and the children look forward to having their own village school before too long. A clinic on site is also planned and it will much reduce a huge amount of their suffering.

The 2006 money from Hampsthwaite will provide a classroom, resources and help pay a teachers salary.

It is with hope in their hearts, at last, that Mumba, Moses, Inonga and Ruthie all thank you for your continued interest and support. I wish I could bottle some of these children's song and laughter for you to share."

Trish Fenwick
'School for Africa'

Web links

HTML file Kachale Village web site
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Photo Gallery

HTML file Photos from Kachale in 2009
HTML file Photos from Kachale in 2007

Reports from Kachale

PDF file Download a PDF File of Trisha's report for October 2009.
PDF file Download a PDF File of Trisha's report following her visit in 2007.